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Weekly Round Up – The Week That Was

11 Jun

Coral DressIt has been a busy week for Mock-off.  I’m getting back into the routine of regular updates.  I launched a brand new feature called Emily’s Picks that will be a weekly email blast of my favorite mock-offs of the moment.  Be sure to sign up for email updates in order to get Emily’s Picks delivered right to your inbox.

I’m also adding a new feature to the blog – a round of up of my favorite links from around the web.  I’ll post them weekly along with the round up. So pull up a chair and get ready to catch up on the week that was.

New on Mock-off:

– Get Pippa Middleton‘s sleek London style.

– Mock-off of the week: Quilted Black Tote

– The perfect one shoulder coral dress for any Summer fete.

– Turquoise and tassels – oh my!

– Emily’s Picks – Summer Shoe Extravaganza

Links from Around the Web:

– Shoe company Tom’s new altruistic venture – Eyewear

Some amazingly talented kids with my favorite dude

Forever 21 threatens to sue a blogger for being awesome

– Wear sad Keanu on your lips

– A silly looking, but kind of great hanger lamp

– The office pod – for when you want to get away with your work

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