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6 Tips for (shamelessly) Finding the Best Deal

9 Feb

I’m of the mindset that paying full price just isn’t acceptable. It may sound a little extreme, but if there is something I really like, I go to great lengths to get it at a discount. My few designer pieces (ahem, Rebecca Minkoff bags) were purchased shamelessly with coupon codes or during deep sales.

Here are my tips for saving money when building your wardrobe.

1)      Find it vintage. Love a specific designer? Look for designer pieces at local vintage, consignment and resale shops. Every once in a while, a beautiful designer top or bag will make its way onto the sales floor at Goodwill. I once found an almost new Burberry scarf at a vintage store for just $30!

2)      Search coupon codes. If you are like me, you loathe shipping charges. Good news – most retailers offer codes for either free shipping or a percentage off. Google the name of the store and “coupon codes”. Sites like Retail Me Not will list current codes and their specific limitations.  I recently saved my boss $400 on registration to an industry conference. Not fashion, but its money in his pocket!

3)      Reward yourself. Be a part of an online rewards program. My favorite is Lucky Magazine Rewards (free to subscribers). I get anywhere from 1-10% back on online purchases. All I have to do is click through the links on their site. They have double and triple cash back bonuses too. The money comes back to you in the form of a Visa gift card, acceptable almost anywhere. I can’t tell you how much money I have saved in iTunes alone!

4)      Sign up for email lists. Yes, it can be a pain to keep track of store emails, but they are often  filled with special deals and savings. You are the first to know about exclusive sales and special discounts. I keep a separate email account specifically for my “deals”.

5)      Browse deal sites. Yes, there are sites out there that specialize in bringing you deals. I frequent sites like hip2save, Slickdeals, and Brad’s Deals. You will find some amazing deals, and much of the content is user generated, making it current and relevant. I turn to these sites first when I’m shopping for a gift.

6)      Knock it off. Love a trend? Buy the “knock-off” version, not the designer. Yes, those YSL tassel pumps look great now, but next season you won’t be able to wear them. Don’t invest in designer unless you can see yourself wearing the piece 1, 5 or even 10 years down the line. The knock-offs are affordable and you won’t feel guilty tossing them (or selling them) at the end of the season.

There are plenty of ways to shop smart. Get the style and pieces you want and end up with a few extra dollars in your pocket.


Everyone Loves a Sale

27 May

Sure, I devote my time to finding designer inspired knock-off pieces for you, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t love the occasional designer dress. And when said dress is on sale I tend to jump for joy.

That is why I love the site 365 Hangers. Their team stylists work hard to find designer pieces and provide them at a fraction of original retail price. Take this cute Marc Jacobs dress. Original price was $298 and they are selling it for just $89!

While they don’t have a ton of sizes for each item, they do have extended sizes (YES!) for those of us who don’t quite fit into a size 2. MUCH easier than digging through the sale racks at department stores to find deals!

In order to stay in the know on great deals I suggest signing up for their emails or following them on twitter (@365hangers). Happy hunting!

You’re a wish come true

18 Feb

Do you ever find yourself browsing stores online and thinking “I wish I had a place I could save all of my finds without bookmarking each page?” Well, now you do.

Wishpot is a Seattle-based company that is making online shopping easy, organized and fun. With the click of a button the Wishpot function will add any item to your online “wish list”. Wishpot will save the item with details including the name, image, price and where to buy. You can save the items into gift lists for loved-ones, a wish list for yourself or simply share neat finds with friends. The button is user friendly and accessible on any web browser.

Wishpot has other cool features, too. Select their price drop option to receive an alert if the price of one of your wished for items has fallen. Shop expertly-selected top trends directly from the site. Browse the most wished for items for great gift ideas. You can even create wedding and baby registries (because who wants to walk around a single store with a scan gun when you have virtually every store at your fingertips?)

I’ve found myself using Wishpot many times while researching for mock-off and browsing other blogs. Curious to see what I am wishing for? See my wish list here.

Want your own list? Sign up and let the wishing begin!

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