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Bargain Hunting 101

12 Feb

Go easy on me. Other than writing a short-lived blog for a previous employer, I am new to this blog writing thing.

When I first moved to Portland I had no idea how crafty the community here is. I soon learned there are many talented artists with many fantastic opportunities for exposure. When I heard about Bargain Hunting 101 I knew I would be a fool not to meet some of these talents first hand.

I arrived at the Crystal Ballroom within 30 minutes of opening and it was already packed (the fact the event was held on Super Bowl Sunday didn’t scare people away!). Like most public events in Portland, there was a good mix of people. It seemed like everyone in Portland’s fashion community were there to shop. Not just treasure hunters like me, but young women with strollers, grandmothers looking for a deal and even some patient husbands (most of who ended up at the full service bar).

With so much other competition I had to act fast if I was going to find a good bargain. After a quick walk around the main room (with its large chandeliers, beautiful old fixtures and a bouncing floor, the Crystal Ballroom is by far the coolest concert venue I have been to in Portland) I hit up the Kevia booth. Or should I call it 14K heaven? I was immediately drawn to a row of “Bargain bins” lining the back of the booth area. After some digging, I found these two ring (sets) for $5 a piece! They were marked “imperfect” – which to me means “one-of-a-kind”.

With precious rings in tow, I fought the crowds around the booths in the ballroom. The swarms of people made it hard to get to some of the merchandise. But this was good! These unique artists were getting the exposure they deserved and hungry Portlanders were finding amazing bargains. I managed to take some (blurry) photos with my iPhone.

At a cute little booth I decided to purchase a crocheted ring that I had my eye on. The ring was made by Diana Schreiber of MOSS Handmade who was very gracious and humble about her amazing work. I am so happy with my unique find that I have already worn it three times this week.

Downstairs in the much less crazy Lola’s Room I found my personal favorite vendor Appetite. Despite some intense mark-downs I did not buy anything. I was reminded of the cute bag I bought from them at the Portland Saturday Market a few years earlier.

I would have loved to browse the booths one last time, but I needed to head home to prep for a Superbowl get together with friends. But from what I did see it seemed the event was a great success. I fully plan on attending the next Bargain Hunting 101 on Sunday August 15th.

Class dismissed!
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