Emily Bakes a Cupcake

15 Oct

It doesn’t happen very often. According to my calculations maybe once a year, generally around Halloween time. I’m chugging along, happily enjoying my tech-filled life and then BOOM it happens. I find myself in the mood to bake something.

Today it happened while I was browsing cupcake blogs for work. (Yes, that is my job and no, you can’t have it.) I was overcome with the sudden urge to get into the kitchen and bake. You should know that I’m not like that other blogger named Emily (though, I’d like to be).  I’m not creative when it comes to food and honestly, the kitchen is foreign territory for me.  So I feel this sudden burst of inspiration is worthy of a post, no matter how embarassing my final product turned out.

So here it is – the story of how I, Emily, baked a cupcake.

After work today, with visions of Halloween themed cupcakes dancing through my head, I headed to our local Fred Meyer (okay, more like skipped) to pick up the necessities – decorations, cake mix, frosting and anything else I may find useful. At the recommendation  of a friend, I used this Dassant Vanilla Cake Baking Mix. (Um, YUM, is the first thing that comes to mind. Miles beyond any cheap cake mixes from the dollar aisle. Well done, Dassant.)

Anyways, upon 2 inspections of both the Halloween and baking sections of the store, I found a serious lack of Halloween baking supplies. Wha? No Halloween sprinkles? Spiderweb cupcake holders? Nope. The closest thing I found was some black and orange tube icing. Pashaw. I’d just have to make do with the 3-year-old jar of Easter sprinkles at home.

Defeated, but still eager, I got home with my haul and got to work.

(Notice the skull toothpicks. Yeah, those were from last year’s inspired bake).

Note: No. You don’t need the Kitchen Aid to make the recipe. But it looks pretty nifty on the counter, no? I took the picture to remind myself that, yes, we have a great mixer and, yes, I should use it. Maybe. For something.

I mixed up the cake mix (SUPER easy) and managed not to mess it up. I decided half of the cupcakes should be a festive red, which turned more into a brain matter pink, but you get the picture.

Side note,  while I was making these wonderful cupcakes I made myself some toast to hold me over until dinner. Guess what? Burnt it. Martha Stewart I am not. At that point, I knew not to expect much out of these cupcakes.

After 15 minutes in the oven, and some time cooling, the cupcakes were ready to be decorated. During this time I Googled Halloween cupcakes and found some inspiration. I decided on 4 cupcake themes, all named by me, yet inspired by Google: Cullen Cakes, Perfect Pumpkins, Webs of Deception and, my personal favorite, Count Chocula Crazy Cakes (I have a thing to alliteration, you see).

First up, Cullen Cakes. (Please don’t laugh. You’ve read the book.  If you prefer, call them the “Eric Northman can bite me” cupcakes.)

The best part. The red icing has sparkles. No sunlight needed.

Next, I attempted some pumpkins, but they turned out to be far from perfect. The Webs of Deception turned out a little better, despite the nerdy name.  Please note that the bowl is actually very small, and my hands are not actually the size of Illinois. Thanks.

It actually turns out that I was not the first to invent a Count Chocula cupcake. A little disappointing? Perhaps, but I’m happy with my results.

Drumroll. Anyone? And the final product, putting my John Derian for Target to good use:

Are you inspired? Hope you enjoy, because it is highly unlikely I will do another food post until 2012. At least.  🙂


2 Responses to “Emily Bakes a Cupcake”

  1. Jacob October 24, 2010 at 5:47 pm #

    Jacob and I are inspired. We are heading to the store for our fixins. Wish us luck!

  2. Emily October 25, 2010 at 1:16 am #

    Well, I hope that you and Jacob enjoy the cupcakes! I’m sure he will love making the spider webs!

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