Inspiration Vacation – Part 1

15 Aug
This weekend has been one filled with relaxation and reflection. I have a busy week ahead, as I’m heading to San Fransisco (YES!) for Connected Marketing Week. I’ve been harvesting my energy, and spending my time at home, reading magazines, catching up on blogs and listening to some of my favorite tunes.

With Fall just around the corner (and already showing up in stores) I find myself longing for sweaters and tall boots. I’ve had a few inspiring items rolling around in my head, that just make me smile when I think of them. I took some time this weekend to right them all down, so I can share them with you and ask what’s inspiring you right now?

1) Burlap Bags – A friend recently gifted me a large burlap bag that has quickly turned into my go-to weekender. It’s the perfect size for carrying overnight necessities. I love the rugged look. It’s a great step away from traditional.


2) Red Hair – Earlier this Summer I decided it was time to add some red to my hair. I am thrilled with the outcome, but I keep thinking wouldn’t it be nice to go all the way (think Christina Hendricks)? Every time I see a red head I can’t help the twinge of jealousy.

3) Party Lights – Nothing is more romantic to me than twinkling party lights. Maybe this is me hanging on to the last weeks of summer, but I’ve been dreaming of a romantic meal on a dimmly lit terrace. Someone please call my husband.

Stay tuned for Part 2.

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