22 Jul

Music lovers in the Pacific Northwest all know about the Gorge Ampitheater. It is widely considered one of the most beautiful music venues in the country. Located in Central Washington state, the stage overlooks the Columbia River gorge and all of it’s beauty. When I found out one of my favorite bands Kings of Leon would be playing there this past weekend, I gathered my friends and decided to make a weekend trip out of it.

Although I was excited to hear the band, I was probably more enthusastic to see the unique fashions at the show. Outdoor summer concerts are always a bit of a fashion melting pot. I assumed with the hot weather and dusty scenery we would find a sort of Coachella crowd – laid back, boho chic. For the most part I was right – maxi dresses, loose tops and strappy sandals ruled the night. I sat on the top of the hill with my camera, taking in the scenery with a Satatorialist approach. It may seem a bit creepy, but I think I succeeded in catching the vibe of the night.

Shortly after this was taken the sun went down and KOL took the stage. It was a gorge-ous night, a gorge-ous venue and a gorge-ous vibe.

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