A Hipster’s Dream

30 May

I usually stay away from posting on Sunday mornings, but this one somehow seems relevant. Most Sunday mornings in my place are spent browsing home design blogs. One of my favorites is The Selby, a blog that showcases the living spaces of artists, models, designers, writers and other creative professionals. Todd Selby started the blog in 2008 and many dream to be featured on the popular site. A lucky few have been featured in a brand new book, The Selby Is In Your Place.

Some call The Selby The Satatorialist for the hipster set. I tend to agree and browsing through this colorful coffee table guide solidifies those thoughts. Selby has captured the creative spaces of many in the fashion crowd including Erin Wasson, Helena Christensen, Christian Louboutin and Karl Lagerfeld. (The cost of the book alone is worth a glimpse into Lagerfeld’s book filled studio!)

As a lover of all things vintage, I loved flipping through the book and admiring the quirky collections of other vintage loving types. It makes me want to drop everything and head to the nearest Goodwill in search of treasures! I suppose that’s what Sundays are for, afterall.

The book is a must for any coffee table (it even comes with stickers!). Order your copy today!

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