In it For The Long Run

25 Mar

I don’t know how it happened, but somehow over the last couple of years I have become a serious runner. I know how it started – a friend challenged me to run in the Walt Disney World Half-Marathon in 2009. Yes me, a girl who at 14 could barely run a mile in gym class, finished a half-marathon in 2 hours 34 minutes. And I somehow became addicted.

Since then I have run numerous 5k and 10k races, as well as the full Portland Marathon back in October. And currently I am training for the Rock ‘n’ Roll Seattle Marathon coming up in June.

So what motivates me to head out and run each day? Many things from stress relief, to creativity splurges, to dropping dress sizes and even the excuse to listen to my music. You know what else motivates me? RUNNING CLOTHES? Yes, clothing, shoes, accessories – I am constantly on the lookout for new, yet inexpensive options. Nothing puts a pep in my step like brand new gear.

I’ve put together a grouping of gear I’m currently coveting, including my favorite running shoes, the Nike Pegasus. I’d love to hear from you! What are your running essentials? I’m talking anything from sunglasses, to socks, to iPod straps – what do you covet?
Clockwise from top left:

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