What I Wore – Job Interview 1 & 2

11 Mar

I recently interviewed for a marketing position here in Portland and I was inspired to post about interview style. As proud as you may be of your resume, it is not just experience and personal skills that can score you that highly coveted job. What you wear to your interview can effect first impressions, your image within the company and, perhaps most importantly, your confidence.

Interview #1:

I went in to my first interview thinking I needed something that would pop, but would remain perfectly business-like. My motto is that it is much better to over dress than to under dress. With these things in mind I dug out my yellow shell top, tired black skirt and tailored suit jacket. I added a bit of my personality with my gold fish bracelet, grey ribbed tights and button ankle boots.

Interview #2:

A few days later I was called back for a second interview with the same company. After getting a glimpse of the office style during my first visit, I decided it was okay to go a bit more casual with this look. A simple black and white dress did the trick. I dropped the suit jacket and instead covered with a single button shrug. I added my long tassel necklace, black tights and Tory Burch Reva flats and I was good to go!

The HR representative complimented my style and said I looked very professional.

What do you think? What is your go-to interview outfit?

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