You’re a wish come true

18 Feb

Do you ever find yourself browsing stores online and thinking “I wish I had a place I could save all of my finds without bookmarking each page?” Well, now you do.

Wishpot is a Seattle-based company that is making online shopping easy, organized and fun. With the click of a button the Wishpot function will add any item to your online “wish list”. Wishpot will save the item with details including the name, image, price and where to buy. You can save the items into gift lists for loved-ones, a wish list for yourself or simply share neat finds with friends. The button is user friendly and accessible on any web browser.

Wishpot has other cool features, too. Select their price drop option to receive an alert if the price of one of your wished for items has fallen. Shop expertly-selected top trends directly from the site. Browse the most wished for items for great gift ideas. You can even create wedding and baby registries (because who wants to walk around a single store with a scan gun when you have virtually every store at your fingertips?)

I’ve found myself using Wishpot many times while researching for mock-off and browsing other blogs. Curious to see what I am wishing for? See my wish list here.

Want your own list? Sign up and let the wishing begin!


One Response to “You’re a wish come true”

  1. FaceFab February 19, 2010 at 1:16 am #

    Thanks so much for posting this & starting this blog!I'm following Domenique of wishspotbeauty on twitter & love what you guys are doing!I'm glad I found you….=)

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